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We thank the caring speakers and the farmers from Fresno that came so far to hear a message of support for your struggles. We apologize for the news media's lack of attention in all of Northern California and the embarrassing lack of support from our City of Sacramento citizens.



A two inch minnow shuts off the water, turning the "Breadbasket of America into the Central Valley Dustbowl. This impacts every man, woman and child in our nation and puts us at risk from attacks on our food supply from our enemies abroad!


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   California State Capital - West Steps

Those who have fed us for generations now need our help!

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State Senator
George Runner

Roger Neillo

Expert speakers, Q&A and featured entertainment 11AM to 3PM

Featured Speakers
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Damien M. Schiff
National Litigation Center Staff Attorney
Pacific Legal Foundation

Craig DeLuz and Family
How this issue impacts the American Family

Guest Artist via the Internet - Lisa Mei Norton
Singer, Songwriter and Air Force Veteran

Performing "A Farmer's Bounty"
Music & Lyrics by Lisa Mei & Big Dawg for the Farmers of America

Performing Live - Fernando Rios

Piedad Ayala & Elisio Ayala - Water For All

Ted Costa with Paul Gann viewing the "California Fair Pay initiative." CEO, People's Advocate Inc. From Proposition 13 to the Davis Recall I have qualified 13 initiatives for the ballot---the voters have enacted 9 into law. Director of the San Juan water Dist. and the Central Valley Project Water Assoc. Member of the Sacto. Co. Republican Party and the Sunrise-Folsom Republican Club. Member of the FBI Citizens Academy and Metro Fire Community Emergency Response Team. Active in Neighborhood watch and Community Association. Member of the National Rifle Association, and the California Donkey and Mule Association.Interests:Other than Politics, I have a yankee work shop and enjoy restoring old cars. I have many animals on my one acre I share with my wife. Dr. Jayna Karpinski-Costa--- Drjayna.com
Ted Costa
A lifelong farmer too

Eric Eisenhammer will address the impact of AB32 on our food supply, Central Valley farmers and the America families nationwide. Eric is active in taxpayer advocacy, runs an internet communications business and is a cartoonist for Fox and Hounds Daily.  He has a degree in Business from California State University, Northridge and served as a legislative aide and Senate Fellow after completing college. He's been recognized as one of Tom McClintock's most dedicated volunteers and is active with Tea Party Patriots
Eric Eisenhammer
AB32 - Its effect on your food and your wallet

Steve Macias
Master of Ceremonies

Those who deserve your financial support - Please donate to PLF.



CASE STATUS - They file one lawsuit after another!

Author: Damien M. Schiff

Last Friday, the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) filed two Endangered Species Act (ESA)lawsuits concerning two Sacramento Delta species. One lawsuit challenges the failure of the United States Fish and Wildife Service to respond to a CBD petition to uplist the currently "threatened" Delta smelt to endangered status under the ESA. The second lawsuit challenges the Service’s denial of a petition to list the Sacramento Delta population of the longfin smelt.

The Delta smelt suit is in fact the second such action seeking an uplisting for the fish; last month, the Council for Endangered Species Act Reliability sued the Service seeking the same relief.

The longfin smelt suit is of interest because the proferred basis for listing the longfin smelt is that the Sacramento Delta population of the species constitutes a "distinct population segment," separately listable under the ESA. Specifically, CBD contends that the Sacramento Delta longfin smelt is both distinct from other populations of longfin smelt found up the Pacific Northwest coast, and is biologically significant to the longfin smelt as a whole.

The California Fish and Game Commission has listed both species of smelt under the California Endangered Species Act.



While the chart below may be outdated, it appears a significant amount of America’s entire food supply has traditionally comes from California. According to U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint  these were the percentage of our national food supply that comes from the San Joaquin Valley and Northern California for these crops. 

Olives 100% Almond 99% Walnuts 99% Figs 98% Kiwi 97%
Pistachios 96% Apricots 95% Celery 94% Tomatoes 94% Broccoli 93%
Plums 93% Nectarines 93% Strawberries 90% Carrots 89% Lemons 89%
Grapes 88% Garlic 86% Avocados 84% Dates 82% Lettuce 78%
Peaches 76% Honeydew 73% Asparagus 55% Cantaloupe 54% Bell Peppers 47%

Looking at that list above, if accurate, it seems incredible that our government would even consider destroying this farmland and these American Farmers.

As strange as it seems, United States Senate voted to table an amendment to the Department of the Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2010 that was offered up by Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina.

You can see the results of this vote here.

TWO PROJECTS - Same Mission

Boots on the GROUND RIGHT NOW!

PDN and the National Organizers and Leaders HUB are working closely with Water For All to craft a plan to deliver dry foods and warm winter clothing to the 44,000 unemployed farm workers and family farmers hit the hardest. They are expected to run out of food in food banks any day.

You, your family, school classes, your neighborhood associations, church or civic group can help TODAY.

TEACHERS: An excellent resource for you to tap: California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom.

Simple Example: *Priority Mail Large Flat Rate Box $13.95 12" x 12" x 5-1/2" up to 70 pounds of dry good like flour, beans, pasta and rice.

Even Simpler: Grocery Store pre-paid gift cards, for national chains like Wal-Mart.  Tight controls will insure only deserving families get the help. 


National Organizers and Leaders HUB and PDN, Inc. is heading up a project with Meetup Groups and allied organizations nationwide. They are garnering support for a nationwide education and aid drive for America's farmers and ranchers. That convoy would take off this Spring from the East coast to travel across country, picking up food and grocery gift cards along the way from participating areas during 'Water for Farmland Forums' hosted by local grassroots organizations.

We're seeking volunteers all over the country and leaders of their groups to assist in the initial planning stages.

THIS IS A NON-PARTISAN EFFORT - Our food supply and its safety is NOT POLITICAL!  IT'S YOUR WALLET and FOOD!


It's Ironic. Words from another time haunts us today! "Here in Sacramento, California, years of environmental meddling and dictatorial demands on private property owners, farmers and ranchers has been challenged all the way to the United States Supreme Court." Your webmaster Dave Jenest, September 30, 2002 on the South steps of California state capitol to the ranchers and farmers of the Sawgrass Rebellion.

October 11, 2009

We will collect food and clothing throughout the Sacramento region. We will also point you to the legitimate organizations on the front lines who deserve your support and have a track record in this hard fought water war.

Donations will now be accepted and the results will be posted on this website. There will be weekly trips at which time a new cycle will be started. Previous week's results will kept on a linked page.

Give Thanks by Giving on Thanksgiving Day
Say a prayer for our farmers - follow-up with food!

Name   City   State





- denotes transportation expenses only
 G  denotes gift card donations
 F   denotes food donations
 denotes clothing donations

Unfortunately, we have lost many of the skirmishes in California, thanks to the elected state legislators, Senate and House member's inaction.

There are two sides to this issue that do deserve our attention. It's not going to be about fish or fairy shrimp. Volunteers are digging deep in to Subsidy Abuses and corruption within state and federal agriculture and water resource agencies and  commissions.

They Blamed California Farmers First
In Fact - the Infected Produce came from Mexico!

HR 2749 would empower FDA to regulate how crops are raised and harvested. It puts the federal government right on the farm, dictating to our farmers. This and AB 32 will be their death warrant!

We've been there many times...
The message must change...

It's not about fish but the food you eat!

Join us: Patriotwatch is on Twitter too.

Disclaimer: PDN does not endorse the Shawn Hannity Show
However, the interview portion is a telling and fact filled report.


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