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Typhoon, the Other Enemy
C. Raymond, Calhoun...
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Typhoon, the Other Enemy:
The Third Fleet and the Pacific Storm of December 1944

A complete report on the nature of this storm and the fleet operations at the time is contained in Captain C. Raymond Calhoun's book. As commanding officer of a ship that came close to destruction in the typhoon of December, 1944, Calhoun was in an unparalleled position to document the tragic ordeal that claimed 778 men, 3 destroyers, and more than 100 aircraft. The destroyers lost were the USS Hull, USS Monaghan, and USS Spence.

Calhoun relates his experience aboard his ship, the USS Dewey, as it repeatedly rolled to its maximum limit and threatened to overturn. At one point, he estimates the ship's roll to be about 80 degrees


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Trapped in a Typhoon
By Commander Erwin S. Jackson, U.S. Navy (Retired)
An officer in the destroyer Aylwin in December 1944 recalls the brutal winds of Typhoon Cobra, what became known as “Halsey’s Typhoon.”


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