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The Veteran's Memorial Auditorium: There is a dedication to those killed in war, inscribed in marble at the front of the Memorial Auditorium. It reads: "This building is dedicated to those who made the supreme sacrifice in the service of the United States."

This historic and living tribute to our soldiers opened in 1927 on a block donated by Sacramento city founder John Sutter and dedicated to Sacramentans who died in war. An honor roll listing Sacramentans killed in battle from the Spanish American War through Persian Gulf War is housed in a room adjacent to the main lobby. We pray no new names of fellow Sacramentans who will be engaged in Operation Enduring Freedom will be added to this honor roll of veterans in Sacramento. 

Many veteran and their supporters suggest anti-war protests on these hallowed ground desecrate and insult the men and women of our armed forces this grand building represents. Thankfully, this small band of protesters represent only a small percentage of the U.S. population but provide media capital to our enemies abroad.

To them we say: "Know this... we will be a constant reminder of America's majority voice at every opportunity!"

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