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A special salute to the troops
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More greetings for our troops from the State Fair

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Military Support organizations and allied groups teamed up with Cal-Expo to support our troops in a unique way. Each day of the fair, visitors are hand writing personal messages to the troops on these large 4' x 8' banners. These completed banners will be shipped out to military units on a daily basis. Most will be destined for Iraq and Afghanistan.

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A Dozen Postcard Banners for our Wounded Warriors
Volunteers welcome - a dozen military medical facilities have been selected
The Messages: Thank your for your sacrifice and get well soon.

The pictures above are from SSgt Stephanie Cowan and unit in front of a C-130, all stationed at Balad AFB about 68 Kilometers north of Baghdad.   As soon as the banner was received from the California State Fair, the Squad Commander gathered up the troops and had this picture taken with much gratitude for our remembrance of the troops serving us in combat and away from loved ones.   

On a personal note.  My daughter Stephanie called the morning she got the banner with tears in her voice and pride for her mom and the work being done by all for the troops over there.  She knows she’s one of the lucky ones who is a short timer (due to come home next month) and she tells me all the troops have great pride in the work they are doing Iraq and need our support. 

Tammy Cox


An impromptu visit when then Lt. Jon Mraz was about to deploy to Iraq, opened the door to solve a problem in a most unusual way. The banners the state fair had used in years past were folded to fit in a USPS Priority Flat Rate Box. When banners arrived sometime the pressure sensitive labels the seals were printed on would peel away in the very hot Middle East temperatures. Folded tightly to fit in the boxes, the photo below shows hard to flatten creases too.

Not long after our visit to the state fair offices, we were contacted by a Cuban immigrant wanting to donate to our organization. In talking with Carlos Hernandez he was very clear in words to the effect: "My new country has done so much for me, I want to give something back. What can I do to support our troops?"

As our conversation continued, and what can only be described as a blessing well timed, Carlos began to tell me about his family business; making banners and signs in partnership with Bill Ellis of Ellis Graphics in Clearwater.

The patriots at Imperial Wholesale Banner, Inc in Tampa, Florida went to work, screen printing the seals of our military services on a more durable material that could be shipped in a tube provided by the USPS.

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