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           A special  salute to CJ Grisham's
            They Have Names

Almost a year ago, two journalists were killed and one severely injured by an IED in Iraq. Every media outlet in the country seemed to trip all over themselves trying to tell the American people about these "brave journalists". There were specials aired during prime time, full front page articles on almost every national newspaper and most local papers. And in every single article was this vague and nonspecific notation: "A U.S. soldier and an Iraqi translator also died in the blast."  

A Must Visit Site - PDN Webmaster.


  • http://HirePatriots.com

    Mark and Tori Baird began www.HirePatriots.com after seeing so many young military men and women in town and then going home and watching the news in Iraq disturbed them.  They asked themselves, "What can we do to make their lives a little easier and to show our appreciation for their sacrifice and duty?" -- They thought about it and came up with this idea to help those who serve in the military earn extra money on their days off.


  • http://patriotfiles.com/  One of the best military history sites on the net!




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