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The Typhoon
USS Monaghan
The Survivors
The Hymn
Evan Fenn
Jack N Arthur
De Ryckere
Joseph Guio
Joe McCrane
Bill McCormack
Ensign Bowen


It is to others we owe so much for the preservation of this history.

PDN is grateful for those whose detailed works have been our resource in bring you a glimpse of history and these three ships. Where possible, we'll include attribution for photos, text content and links to sources.  To the families, our deepest thanks for sharing your own personal stories and photographs and allowing their use by all those who so desire.

DESA SealDESA While not the size of its bigger brothers, the Destroyer Escorts and crews were often known to be "Trim but Deadly" and were classified as a major combat vessels. Clicking on the logos will bring you to a website that shares intimate details of life aboard the Pacific Fleet's fighting ships in World War II.


Naval Historical Center.

A Tin Can Sailors Destroyer History

Hanson W. Baldwin, from Crowsnest Magazine, October 1953

Admiral Nimitz Museum/ National Museum of the Pacific War

Evan and Martha Fenn

Mark and David Guio

Mary McCormack-Sanders

Paul M Provost

Barbara (Story) Blye

David J. Woodland, TM2c


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