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Welcome The Next Generation

Our dear Sac-GWB friend and Group Moderator Marisa Williams holds family photos at last year's Veteran's Day parade. We've watched this young patriot move from student to teacher and the single world to married life.  Look for more to this story as we dedicate this page to our sometimes shy but always faithful pal: 

Marisa Williams

I was lost for any better ideas to show our appreciation to Marisa, someone who has graced so many of our efforts since 2000.  We've watched her grow from a young college kid with hope and great aspiration, into a young woman, a great teacher and some day a mom passing on the legacy of her own family.

So, for new visitors who wonder what this is all about and why our little family is so important to each of us, here's your change to make a difference like Marisa has.  If you support our mission and are resolved to support it in the greater Sacramento Area, then you might consider:

Click here to join sacramento-gwb
Click to join the Sacramento movement to fight for GWB 


  if your have any specific ideas or comments.


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