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A Summer project for anyone anywhere

YRM Volunteer

 and PDN Casework for their families.

If you cannot volunteer or host a project in your city...

We've had great success helping other nonprofits and this is just a sample of what we did in the past. Now we need help ourselves so we can do the work we've been able to for many years nation wide.


Streamed LIVE to our Troops

Performing Live
Musical Artist Fernando Rios


Lilly and Fernando always pitch in for Operation Yellow Ribbon projects. Thanks to his inspiring and crowd pleasing traditional instrumentals and vocals, not only were our visitors captivated, so too our troops listening in. This young and gifted artist will be going places because he gives of his talent whenever there's a call to duty!

One of our Military Family volunteers wrote the following on our last project:

"Take any piece of ribbon... wrap it around like I have my lapel ribbons. Step back and look at it closely. To me, it reminds me of two arms wrapped around someone. Actually our family are very loving and caring, and I think that is why I like making my ribbons.  It is almost like I am wrapping my arms around Bryan to let him and the others know I am going to hold them close and try and protect them." 

Here's just a couple examples of what shoppers came face to face with in years past.  The "Go get 'em" award has to go to Brandon. This 4 year old is something to behold and I can't wait to write that story with Brenda, Gail and mom's help...  forgive me for not having captions yet bit some are on the website tonight and more digital images are on the way.  From Vicki's reports, you all truly outdid yourselves and I've only seen a few of these images so far.

On top of that, you're all itching for details on future missions. Please know that we will need each and every one of you in various roles.  Things will move very fast, some via phone, emails and forms that will confirm each task.  Unlike the flexibility of most our projects, there are some things that require special leadership and knowing that the task will be done without any oversight by others.  I hope you'll all bear with us as we fill these roles based on planning that's gone on over the past several weeks with others you've yet to meet.

Only critical items will come to the group via e-mail.  I'll try to keep that to a minimum and there will be little time to review a lot of suggestions (like the mail box full of them tonight).  We're still working of having several face to face work sessions this coming week, but even that will seem disjointed due to peoples work schedules.  And yes... I have that day job that got put aside more than I could afford to last week.  I'll be in and out Monday, so don't be upset if my cell phone calls are short or I ask you to call me back in a few minutes.

I can think of no better way to sum up this weekend and thanking you all again, seems redundant somehow. Today however, we had another opportunity to reach hundreds of families and witness their loved ones honored with Purple Hearts, Bronze Stars and other commendations. 

The opportunity to visit with some of the families and their loved ones was truly a humbling experience. Over 400 special flyers were given to these folks with our representing you and your efforts this weekend. You'll all have that opportunity next week and it's what you worked so hard for this weekend.


Not on Sacramento? Not sure what you could do to help?


We will ALWAYS Remember and HONOR Them

Some of you have experienced tragedy in your lives or had dear friends that have. Many of the people we honor will also be working side by side with you.  Some give of themselves to ease the worry that fills their waking hours every day.

Each of you are special agents to a deeper purpose... one I feel the Lord has placed in our hands.  The duty to send a message to those fines family members who serve in a hostile world... a message that we support them, pray for them and love them like as own.  Should that fateful day befall their family, we may have delivered that message... to that far away place that hungers for news from home.  It will have been a message we can all be proud of... that America cares... we care!

You will know the pain but know also, you have brought a smile to a face that needed it.  What greater gift... what greater honor... than to have served here at home, in some small but meaningful way. You, my new friends... are the yellow ribbons... in actions and your hearts.

God bless you all... God bless America.


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