May 22, 2004


Yellow Ribbon Day
in Support of Military Families
and their loved ones who serve.

Thank You!  California
The day in pictures....
Just a few images to recall a special day pending the full coverage next week.
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Sandy Delise presents families with Legislative Resolution.

Recognizing the local media.

City of Sacramento pays tribute to military families

Volunteers show appreciation to families with serving loved ones

The Yellow Ribbons - Out from the heart and onto the streets.

The smiles speak more than any words we can offer

A Special Thank You!
America's homeland protectors pay tribute to the military family today.
PDN Salutes the USCG

The USCG Auxiliary flotilla, in a skillful and solemn maneuver, presents a waterborne tribute to the military families assembled for Yellow Ribbon Day - 2004

As TAPS echoes from shore to shore, an airborne fly-over transports the Yellow Ribbon, symbolic of the ones that all California wears in our hearts.

From PDN's staff: a very special thank you to Vicki, Margaret, Lori and all the gang at Howe Elementary School, our new friends Brenda, Gail, Barb, Lynn and Aunt Sassy, Sactownhall and Crimewatch volunteers, the local news media, Kelly and Crawdad's, Gabe and Chevy's, Harbor Master Tess and Riverbank Marina, Roseville Police Dept. Richard and the USCG Auxiliary, Chaplain Mike Koons, Mike Sarkisian, Don Petron and Al Peral, Lloyd Turner, Lisa and Bill Ellis, Mark Williams, Keith Anthony, Lee Welter, Joe Bonage, Councilman Threathway, Assemblywoman Nicole Parra and so many others who contributed to this effort.

For the young at home

For the Families that wait

Our tribute to all of you!


  with your suggestions or to volunteer.



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