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Wounded Warrior K9 Handler
An IED Injured Him and His K9 Partner Jack
Now Victimized by Sequestration!

Nuance's Dragon Naturally Speaking Pro 12 arrived today along with Plantronics B70 Calisto Bluetooth wireless headset.

Folks, to meet our deadline, we had to tap other resources that allowed us to acquire the most suitable laptop possible. Those operating funds will have to be reimbursed soon. Please, give what you can to meet our new goal even though we have everything Chris needs.

He lost his partner and now college tuition!
Family savings wiped out to pay for school after cuts to tuition for all branches of the military on March 1st. Many feel it was a political ploy that backfired and was later restored due to public outrage. It came too late for TSgt. Barker.

The immediate need is for a laptop computer and software. PDN is out of stock in our Wounded Warrior Laptop Project. Thanks to Jacky and Hodari at Toshiba and Lisa in Arizona

Ordered Today 4-18-13
Toshiba Tecra R950-SMB
Customized Ruggidized Laptop
Intel Corei3-232M dual core processor, 4GB 1500Mhz DDR3 memory, 500GB SATA HDD, 11hour 6 cell lithium-ion battery,15.6" display, DVD Supermulti, WiFi b/g/n w/Bluetooth 4.0

Laptop includes three year extended Systemguard protection, Dragon Naturally Speaking Professional 12, Microsoft Office Professional Suite Plus 2013 with Software Assurance. $1,717.25 total plus shipping.  Insured Shipping to Chris: $50.03

Folks, to meet our deadline, we had to tap other resources that allowed us to acquire the most suitable laptop possible. Those operating funds will have to be reimbursed soon. Please, give what you can to meet our new goal even though we have everything Chris needs.

Name City State
Anonymous Fort Collins CO
PDN Match Sacramento CA
Cherin Perham Springfield MO
PDN Match Sacramento CA
Neill Courtney Phoenix AZ
PDN Match Sacramento CA
Amber Young Castro Valley CA
PDN Match Sacramento CA
Rochelle Starr Snohomish  WA
Deborah Guth Winter Park FL
PDN Match Sacramento CA
PDN Lisa   AZ
Raymond Maule Corona CA
PDN Lisa   AZ
Nuance, Inc. Burlington MA
Jennifer MacGregor Mesa AZ

THANK YOU for taking time to visit this page. As donations come in you can return here to see how those funds are disbursed to meet this wounded warrior's needs.

Amber Young to Chris: Thank you for your service. As a vet and a current K9 handler, my heart goes out to you.

Ray & Vicki Maule to Chris: Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Your area of service & your K-9 handling hold a special place in our hearts. God bless you: Ray, Foreign War Veteran & Vicki, K-9 handler


I would like to thank everyone that has donated or help in any such way to getting me a laptop with the programs I need.  It really means a lot to me.  I'm looking forward to going back to school online while doing all my medical appointments, physical therapy and waiting for upcoming surgeries/procedures.  Most of the time my mind is always on my medical issues and it drains away at me mentally.  Getting the laptop to go back to school will help put my mind in different setting for a little bit each day while going to school.

I'm not sure what the future holds in store for me.  If I will be able to stay in after my upcoming surgeries or I will be medically retired only time will tell.  But in the meantime I'm looking forward to hitting the books and putting my mind somewhere else then medical.  I got a long road to completing this bachelors degree.  I will be the first one on my side if the family to get one.  One day when my son is older and in high school (2 1/2 now) I want to be able to show him my degree and say son there's no such thing as it can't be done or its to hard.  He will know what happened to me and what was overcome.  But to challenge him to be be better then me.  With that said I want everyone who helped me get this lap top know you all will help me to reach my future goal to complete my degree.  

Thank you,
TSgt Christopher Barker
Wounded Warrior, USAF

SUNDAY UPDATE: Thanks to a Gold Star mom I was able to tell Chris we are much closer to meeting his needs. In the next few days he will be posting his status on Facebook and add messages here.

TSgt Chris Barker was a USAF Explosive Military Working Dog Handler deployed as a special combat team attached to the US Army 101st Airborne 1-187 at Forward Operating Base Summerall (Bayji) Iraq.

While in route to a mission insurgents detonated a IED destroying the Humvee he was in and injuring everyone inside the Humvee. The insurgents continued to attack the Humvee using Rocket Propelled Grenades, Grenades and Heavy Machine Gun Fire.

During that time TSgt Barker and his team which were all injured fought back. During that fight he sustained further injury from one of the armored doors to the Humvee which was blown off from a Rocket Propelled grenade The door struck him from his knees to his head and pinned him to the ground. The impact from the door caused him to loose consciousness.

Military Working Dog Jack was unconscious from the initial Blast. Military Working Dog Jack survived however before TSgt Barker could adopt him he passed away due to injuries sustained from the IED Blast.

As a result from the IED Blast TSgt Barker has TBI-Traumatic Brain Injury with memory issues, visual problems along with frequent migraines. He has undergone over 30 surgeries and procedures to his eyes, teeth, spinal chord, both elbows, wrists, knees, left foot, along with multiple nerve and tendon repairs.

This past month he received reconstructive surgery to his left foot, ankle, and tendons. He is stationed at Joint Base San Antonio, TX for his medical care.



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