July 4th
The Videos


Built on Proven Technology you can use Today!

Even now, you too can enhance your online experiences with friends, family and community in your own VIRTUAL WORLD.

Finding it difficult to get together? For allied organizations, this may be an alternative for some members based on what some other groups are doing between face to face local meetings. For the community organizer, invite new neighbors into your virtual home without having to wash the dishes or lock up the dog and cat or that 6 foot long Iguana.

We have begun integrating content that can energize your members and stimulate dialogue among world visitors. Classroom and Conference rooms will have streaming content suggested by our visitors and group organizers. IT'S YOUR WORLD! Help us meet your needs to support your local groups and advance the cause we've all signed on for.

Meet and Greet old and new friends, Virtually!

Our volunteers reside in California, Oregon, Arizona, Texas, Georgia, Kentucky, Ohio, Missouri, Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. While many of them have traveled to our Nation's capital for special events and conferences, we shrink time and space using virtual world technology to its fullest. From our little media center in Sacramento, CA and into the Virtual Classrooms nationwide, we feed video and audio content to the local organizers. These interactive sessions bring valuable information and lessons to be returned back to their local members.

A typical virtual Conference Room including embedded media support and two way voice. The Welcome Center, equipped with fun, interactive tools that show you how to enjoy your Virtual World.

"What is our VIRTUAL WORLD?"

  • An interactive, virtual world, designed to serve you and your members, friends, and family.
  • Created using leading-edge technology, it allows you to experience everything from the 'Web from within this immersive and beautiful 3D world!
  • It is designed to enhance, rather than to replace, your current activities within your community.
  • It helps make building relationships and connections with other group's members more meaningful and fun!
  • Surprisingly EASY TO USE! You can experience the fun within minutes of joining your Virtual World!

Learning how to navigate your way around is supported by interactive "How To" video kiosks located in the Welcome Center. There's also a good chance one of our volunteers will be there to assist if you have any questions.

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