July 4th
The Videos


Today's Virtual World - Live and Operational

Customized to Feature Patriotic Artists

Lisa Mei Norton's lone Star Saloon

Featured New Release of World Theme

Zone Controlled Jute Box

 Artist's Personal Play List

Stage and Dance Floor for Live or Streaming Video Performances



May 6th - National Day of Prayer We can do it again!

The full resources of PDN's media room studio was put to use for these ground-breaking events. Not only does it serve our immediate needs but it's technology you can use for your own local groups and allied organizations.

Several platforms are available ranging from our Virtual World Meetup to Talkshoe's Voice-Text application. You may have entertainment between segments, maybe some contests and door prizes. Segments can be be pre-recorded to allow as much Q&A from your visitors as possible.

IMPORTANT - For our Meetup.com partners: With a laptop and wireless connection, this project might be ideal to schedule for your own local face-to-face meetings. After all, one of the main Hub objectives is to support local efforts and help you energize and retain your members. Give it some thought and we'll help you make it happen.



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