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The Biker
Simple and direct - it speaks for so many
 The Biker's reflections on San Antonio's Rally for America

I was there (in San Antonio).

I wept like a baby (in front of my biker friends).

I couldn't believe the patience of the crowd, while they waited for those caught in traffic to assemble...

The guy with the heads on the platter... too funny, nice comic relief for a somber crowd...

The guy with the goofy hat walked up to me and said "Thanks for coming"... I didn't know him from Adam...

There was a lot that I didn't know at 10 this morning; I didn't know what I was in store for...

My eyes welled up during the most beautiful acoustic guitar rendition of the national anthem that I've ever heard.

I said the words "Under God" (during the Pledge) louder than the other words, but was so overwhelmed by the number of other people doing the same, my chest felt like it was splitting open, as I failed to hold back the tears that came that time too... I could barely finish the pledge...

I could almost see grandmas street (if it weren't for the tears in my eyes)... I could feel the warmth of the comforter, I could smell the bacon...

The Viet Nam vet... standing "O"... big crocodile tears buddy, long freakin' overdue, is all I can say...

The sponsors banner... (yeah okay, that time too)

I shook a strangers hand...

I got to talk to the couple seated to my left... nice folks... I'll have to talk to strangers more often.

I never would have done that before, but (for once) they seemed to have something in common with me. We cared.

We didn't carry signs, we didn't scream USA (that many times). We both seemed to be the "quiet" in-a-crowd type today.

We showed up. We made our "own" statement.

When we left...

We all knew...

There was much work to be done.


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