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Case # TX-SSG-MOM-802

She serves our nation honorably in the US Army as a career NCO. The Staff Sergeant's transfer to Fort Bliss, Texas has created a financial hardship and need for a well deserved hand up. Time is short to meet this Christmas wish list:

These funds are for Christmas items for the Sergeant's special needs child who suffers from Down's Syndrome:

  • Frozen DVD

  • Frozen bedding set

  • Leap Frog learning device

  • Girls underwear (size 10)

UPDATE 12-20-14: A Nextdoor.com member volunteered to handle the shopping Friday and did a fantastic job. We are updating our goal because UPS Blue shipping costs were $135.35 and we had additional packaging costs put on PDN's Visa.

Tower 4: On Santa’s Sleigh -7:06 P.M. Departure
UPS 2nd Date Air 1Z3F84W40274706398
Mather, CA, United States 12/20/2014
Santa ARRIVED Christmas Eve Day

Needs Review Vetted

Stuffed Critters from WWW inventory

Mirrored Jewelry Box from WWW inventory

Name City State
Joyce Sarkisian Daly City CA
Christopher Smith (Nextdoor Lead) Sacramento CA
Ashley Kamrath Austin TX
Kenton Bruno (Nextdoor member) Sacramento CA
KJ Keyes (Nextdoor member) Sacramento CA
Lori Wex Atlanta/Sacramento  
Beverly Skordal (Nextdoor member) Sacramento CA
Mike Schimank Sacramento CA
Larry Flury Jacksonville FL

Ashley: God Bless you! Thank you for your service and Merry Christmas!

THANK YOU for taking time to visit this page. As donations come in you can return here to see how those funds are disbursed to meet this US Army veteran's needs.



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