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"I want to extend a special thanks to everyone who took part in the petition drive (nearly 600,000 people), co-signed our Amicus Brief (over 174,000 co-signers), and joined our "Pledge to Say The Pledge" (we estimate more than 400,000 participants). Special thanks to our friends in California who held a special "Support The Pledge" rally in Mr. Newdow's hometown!" Steve Elliot

The rally to Support the Pledge was a truly moving and inspiring event. Patriotwatch will be adding content to this page as it's assembled. For now please enjoy a few of the images that were preserved on this historic day.

From the opening presentation of the colors to the singing of National Anthem

The words "Under God" have personal meanings to those who rallied this day

Beauty, dedicated citizens, Congressman and diversity of youthful participants marked this day. It was an honor to have joined the Honorable Bill Dannemeyer from my former Orange County Congressional District in Southern California.

The overnight media campaign delivered on all local stations, PBS and CNN.

The Hall Family exemplifies the spirit of the rally and values of those attending the Grassfire.net inspired event.  Their story will be told in greater detail when the interviews are assembled by PDN and Sactownhall volunteers.

A special tribute to Lynn Wharton (pictured on left)  whose tireless effort brought this rally about. To her number one fan Rodney Stanhope (at the podium) a "job well done" in pulling so many resources together in so little time!

Follow-up from your Webmaster

The young man on the left in this photo evolved from
Mild-mannered Sac. State radio host/reporter to a
higher calling as an officer in the United States Army.

Meet Captain Jonathan Robert Mraz
15 months deployment in Iraq
New Command - Fort Drum, NY
PDN, Inc. Vice President


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