Patriot Defenders Network introduces Producer/Songwriter/keyboardist James Patrick Green: The Pledge and Live By These Words


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The Pledge


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The Pledge
Challenge to the Foundations of America
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As the debate rages over the Ninth Circuit Court's decision on the words "Under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance, the silent majority is beginning to rouse from it's long slumber. Before 9/11 there were those who saw the future and didn't like the vision. They quietly and with selfless dedication began laying away stores for the siege ahead. They knew patriots would need to tap into those resources for spiritual strength and to steel their resolve. 

PDN has been blessed in meeting many such wonderful Americans. Devine providence perhaps, the work of many and the pride of sharing their treasures with you. As you read this page, one of those treasures, a clip from Live By These Words is loading and will play for you.

Meet Producer/Songwriter/keyboardist 
James Patrick Green:
"Live By These Words is one of the best investments a parent can make for their children, and the future of America". Ben Walker-Children's National Journal. "Live By These Words" is terrific-great talent and unbeatable material! - Louise Munro Foley - Author/Children's Books
"Live By These Words" simply touches the heart of patriotism, freedom, and concern for the future of America...

Also on the CD is a soulful rock rendition of "The Pledge of Allegiance" orchestrated with electric guitars and big drums...

Concluding this inspiring work is a narration of "The Bill of Rights", and "The 10 Commandments", performed by neighborhood kids between the ages of 7 and 13...

A powerful statement on American patriotism!


Click on link or Real Player to listen to a clip ->

"Pat" to those who know him, has written what could be a national anthem for today's America, with the smooth Pop/R&B ballad title single...

"Live By These Words"

The unforgettable vocal performance by Julie Grimble Morris is moving...

A Powerful Image and Lyrics to match
Comments from Stagecoach Publishing... I must say you've tackled a tough project and handled it very well. It is truly an inspirational record and you should feel very proud. Alton Pryor - Author/Publisher -

Listen to The Pledge

Pat just donated 100 of his just released CD to Operation Military Support   for shipment to our troops overseas. Thank You Patrick!

Click here to visit Pat's website: learn more about this talented and patriotic American.



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