Ask: "Will your compassionate donation actually reach
the veterans or military family you wanted to help?"

We see many well publicized national military charities using the same basic language when they file their annual 501(c)(3) nonprofit tax returns with the IRS. What we show you here comes right from those IRS 990 tax returns.

"RAISE AWARENESS" seems to be VERY popular with big charities:

What does that mean? Are there any Americans that don't know we have troops serving in harm's way in different places around the world?

This particular charity took in donations of $1.5 million in 2010. That's suggests over 1/3 of donor's cash went to RAISING AWARENESS. Okay... what about the rest?



Is it fair to ask how much of those travel and occupancy expenses really was of any benefit to supporting "THE ROLES OF US TROOPS IN COMBAT AREAS" or for any other "charitable" purposes?

A closer look begs more questions: Over a quarter million dollars for “Other Expense” and almost $200k for “Management” look odd? Then we have "Other salaries and wages" along with their benefits; that comes up to another  $138,419

How about that $372,000 for Advertising and Promotions?

Gosh... I'm no accountant or rocket scientist:

  1. Donors gave them $1,476,604 in 2010.

  2. They spent $1,471, 638 in 2010

  3. That left $4,966 for what or whom?

  4. Oh wait, I forgot they listed $65,545 in assets, up $60,579 from 2009.

  5. Interesting... $4,966? Same number as Item 3? Into savings account?

It's a sad FACT: Really good charities succeed because their resources are not tied up in fundraising 90% of the time. They find creative ways to spend less to raise more, thereby maximizing the resources they can devote to their programs.

The example above suggests they spend a lot of time doing two things:

1) Raising money and 2) Spending a lot of it to raise more money!

Can they make ANY difference for anyone but themselves with your dollars? Now, we didn't name this local Sacramento charity because we're not out to attack anyone. In fact, this charity has not come under fire the charity watchdogs either, in part because they have backing from so big name celebrities who have no clue other than what the PR Agents tell them. Basically, when you have one PR guy negotiating with the a charity that is nothing more than a PR machine itself, what to be expected?


As the founder of a charity called Help Hospitalized Veterans, which distributes craft kits to veterans' hospitals, Roger Chapin of San Diego pays himself and his wife more than half a million dollars a year in salary.

Chapin's veterans' charity has produced slick promotional videos about the good they do, with a number of celebrity endorsements, including one from actor Dennis Franz, who starred in the ABC primetime drama "NYPD Blue."

But according to their analysis, the American Institute of Philanthropy says of the $70 million Help Hospitalized Veterans took in last year, only 31 percent went to the actual charitable cause. The rest was mainly overhead and fundraising costs.

Chapin's newest scam, Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes Foundation was granted IRS 501(c)3 non-profit status in 2009. In 2010 we again find high fund-raising expenses relative to actual program work at the Coalition. And oh yes, there's that buzz phrase again slightly altered to read PUBLIC AWARENESS!

Chapin paid himself a paltry salary $212,000 in 2010, took in donations in the amount of $17,167,529 while spending $16,979, 758 well over 2/3 went to overhead and advertising.

Source of this data or click on image above

For now, let's look at National Vietnam Veterans Foundation - Veterans helping veterans!


Total Contributions $4,721,827
   Program Service Revenue $0
Total Primary Revenue $4,721,827
   Other Revenue $0
TOTAL REVENUE $4,721,827
   Program Expenses $456,181
   Administrative Expenses $114,477
   Fundraising Expenses $4,122,545
Payments to Affiliates $0
Excess (or Deficit) for the year $28,624
Net Assets $60,805

Question: Would you donate to any of the three organization outlined above?

If you managed to get this far, THANK YOU! It means you want to be informed before you give up your hard earned income to benefit someone in need or an organization like ours that serves them. At least we give our visitors a choice. Help us help them or donate DIRECTLY to their need.

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