PDN, Inc. current average monthly expenses. Not funded by any donations intended for casework or projects.

PDN's operational costs are supported primarily by Law Enforcement Technology Solutions (LETS) as a primary sponsor owned and operated by PDN's Webmaster David Jenest.

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  Reduced Service
  Necessary but At Risk


Vendor/Service Provider   Purpose   Average
AT&T Telco   Office Phone & Fax   $21.14
Uni-Tel    800 Hotline & Long Distance   $14.56
AT&T DSL   Internet Access port 1   $40.00
Comcast   Internet Access port 2   $67.44
Skype   (916) 520-1551 Hotline   $9.00
T-Mobile   (916) 690-9954 WiFi Hotspot   $127.14
Verizon   (916) 628-5735 Field Services   $15.00
      SubTotal   $211.84
Godaddy   PDN - Prototerra - eMarketing     $59.06
Website Subscriptions   Various PDN resources   $10.50
Meetup.com   Volunteer Groups   $18.00
Volunteer Match   Recruitment   $15.00
Feejit.com   Web tracking service   $9.95
Amazon Servers   Prototerra Veterans Virtual World   $34.00
Linden Labs   Second Life - Training/Veteran Center   $49.00
      SubTotal   $129.51
Auto Rentals   Enterprise Rentals   $65.00
Fuel   Vehicles     $35.00
Stamps.com   Postage     $23.50
Printer toner & ink   Printer Ink   $25.45
USPS Click & Ship   Care Packages - Priority mail   $12.25
Office Max   Office supplies   $12.97
Outside Storage (CubeStor)   Homeless Veterans transitional storage   $134.95
Workshop Rent   Wounded Warrior Workshop   $70.00
Workshop & Office Utilities   SMUD electric service - shared cost   $75.00
Zurich   Mandatory Liability Insurance   89.33
      SubTotal   $519.95
      Total Average Monthly Expense   $861.30

We have set a fundraising goal of $10,000 for the fiscal year new 2014/2015.
This will allow us to extinguish debt, continue to meet case work requests and have a reserve for annual costs/expenses state fees that recur in June/January 2014-15.
Using the Donate button below, you can contribute any amount you feel you can afford to advance our mission in serving others.