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Nuance Communications, Inc.

Wounded Warrior K9 Handler
An IED Injured Him and His K9 Partner Jack
Now Victimized by Sequestration!

When duty called, Nuance Communications, Inc. stepped up to help this Active Duty disabled USAF Military Police K9 handler critically injured by an IED in 2005. THANK YOU!


PDN was out of stock in our Wounded Warrior Laptop Project. Thanks to Jacky and Hodari at Toshiba, Lisa in Arizona and now Sanda Brown at Nuance:

Toshiba Tecra R950-SMB
Customized Ruggidized Laptop
Intel Corei3-232M dual core processor, 4GB 1500Mhz DDR3 memory, 500GB SATA HDD, 11hour 6 cell lithium-ion battery,15.6" display, DVD Supermulti, WiFi b/g/n w/Bluetooth 4.0

Laptop includes three year extended Systemguard protection, Dragon Naturally Speaking Professional 12, Microsoft Office Professional Suite Plus 2013 with Software Assurance. $1,717.25 total plus shipping.

Bookmark this page to learn more about the use of Dragon Naturally Speaking Professional 12 for our returning injured veterans and how Nuance leadership can help them.

Folks, to meet our deadline, we had to tap other resources that allowed us to acquire most suitable laptop possible. Those operating funds will have to be reimbursed soon. Please, give what you can to meet our new goal even though we have everything Chris needs.

Using the Donate button below, you can contribute any amount you feel you can afford to advance our mission in serving others.