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Patriot Watch is INTERACTIVE!

Sample program: You can click the STOP button to move on to the next video in the series.


So you've just listened in to one of our Internet radio shows and may be asking, "what else can I do with this technology?"

Our first suggestion is to GO HERE FIRST and register for a free TalkShoe account.

ideaTip: For your user name, consider using your first name, city and state like this: Becky_Atlanta_GA

ideaTip: Phone/PIN This is typically the phone number you will use if you call in to the show. If your phone has caller ID enabled, you've listed it as your PIN and you call in from it, you won't be asked for a PIN and your you will show up under your user ID.

Personal Identification Number It's your phone number for Auto Login or any 10 digit number that will be used to identify you when calling in. We'll NEVER sell, rent, or share your PIN with anybody.

What is Auto Login? We suggest using your phone number as your PIN, so you can automatically log you in using Caller ID. If you want to disable Auto Login, you can update your PIN by going to myTalkShoe.

dancingHow hard was that?

coffee Pour yourself a cup of your favorite beverage for the next part. It's a little more detailed but will make your interaction with the host and fellow guests more fun and stable. See, there is a web version that just lets you listen in on your PC and a more advance application we call the TalkShoe Live Pro Client. There are also some very handy tools (applications) that allow you to call in free from your PC, contribute your own audio content to the show and one day... BE THE STAR THAT YOU ARE!

applause Give yourself a hand! You've got the basics down.

If you need a more detailed version for any of the applications covered this time, I'll add them below. We've had so much fun with podcast experts Dr. Robert White and Logan (Bruce Pringlemeir) they have invited our members to join them every Tuesday night for their Community Chat about podcasting. We've scheduled them as Meetups just to remind you you can get even more tips from them.

praying You're prayers are about to be answered.

Stepping back, let's look at the options you may see when you first open talkshoe.com. Some of them will depend on where you found the link.

chicken FEAR NOT! You can't screw this up.

Worse case, you lost the link to our show or the dog ate your email. Ahhhh... but you remembered that it's called Talk Shoe. So you put two and two together like my friends and came up with:

monkeymonkey + monkey monkey= monkeymonkeymonkey
or talkshoe.com which will look like this:

Assuming you registered and have signed in, click on the purple LIVE NOW tab to see our show and all other that are live.

Did it come by email with a link that looks like this: www.talkshoe.com/tc/82959 GREAT! You will open a page that looks like this:

If you logged in from our Meetup website with the link found in the Featured Meetup box like the one here:

You will go directly to our show page where you'll see this image along with details about the show:

If you are not HOSTING the show the the upper purple box will read "JOIN IN" instead of "Start my call." DO NOT CLICK on the purple box or it will open the less stable web version. Click on the box with below that reads "FREE Talkshoe Live Pro.

In a few seconds, if you already installed the Live Pro client, a new window will appear and you'll be in the show!

cowboyHave Headset with Microphone will Talk!

FREE application and FREE CALL into show from your PC or MAC.


droolingRefresher for X-Lite

You're ready to rock the Internet World!




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