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When Duty Calls
The journey of Jonathan Robert Mraz
and a tribute to all those who serve.

Meet Jonathan R. Mraz (haircut, circa 2005) and Staff Sergeant Bryan D. Johnson, US Army Recruiter.

It is difficult to express in words the pride and honor we share in cheering on one of our own as he advances his personal goals in service to our country. These pages will chronicle that journey as best we can.

As of April 2013, Captain Mraz is about to return home from a year long deployment to the Republic of Korea with the US Army's Provost Marshall, 8th US Army. While spending most of his tour in Seoul, tasked with Crime Analysis for the Eighth Army Command, Jon saw duty in Japan as well.

On April 25th he returns stateside and reports for new duties as an Assistant Professor of Military Science.

More Good News:

What was a little ball of fur in the snow at Ft. Leavenworth Jon took in
is now 12 pounds of fun loving feline loved by all in our community!

You'll be missed Meow - by your two and four legged friends!

Looking Back - Where The journey began:



From Spoken Words to Action on the Streets

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Jon first showed  up on our radar as a mild mannered, polite yet intense student reporter for California State University Sacramento. As a disk jockey for the university radio station broadcasting was one of his interests. He would cover a number of our activities between 2001-05.


Jonathan has been a valuable member of our team, both with PDN and Community Watch.  The serious side to Jonathan was evident as he joined our Law Enforcement Technology Solutions group, sponsors of the citizen driven Community Policing efforts in our city.

That effort included documenting the threat of mass protests and civil disobedience similar to that experienced in Seattle's WTO riots a few year ago. Jonathan joined our team to gather cyber-intelligence from several online and offline sources. Jon brought a deep passion for civil liberties, free speech and lawful protests balanced against the rule of law to our discussions and decisions.

Together with our volunteers, he helped establish an information system that was used to analyze the threats to the City of Sacramento given the amount of in-depth data compiled from the self-proclaimed anarchist computer underground. The threats were real but largely ignored by a mayor who supports civil disobedience and a local government that seems to view police as an occupation force.

All of this information was documented weeks in advance of a planned large scale protest against the United States Department of Agriculture Ministerial Conference and Expo on Agricultural Science and Technology hosted by the City of Sacramento. In our after-action report to city government, Jon added his voice in support of law enforcement preparedness.
(Click on player for Jon's audio file) A more complete report on this incident can be viewed at this link.

In our post-911 world, Jonathan made the decision to enlist in the United States Army in order to fulfill his role as a defender of civil liberties and domestic freedoms.

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