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Joe - The Unsung Hero

By all accounts, it was young Joseph Guio who is attributed with saving the lives of those USS Monaghan crewmembers  who survived Typhoon Cobra. This page is dedicated to Joe and his family.  His great-nephews Mark and David and nephew Gary Guio have preserved rare and personal treasures that they are sharing here for the first time.  In February 2005 these men and their stories will be shared with the world by Col. Oliver North's tribute to the Tin Can Sailors on Fox News Network's War Stories. Our humble website proudly presents an American hero:

To the left of this page are the links to news clippings and letters from and about Joe and his shipmates.  The letter to the Guio family from the senior survivor of the crew, Joseph McCrane speaks more to how young Joe lived than how he died ... A HERO!  It's what he did in that short life and the sacrifice he made for his shipmates that will live in all of us for the rest of our days.

Thank You Joe...
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