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The men and women who served our nation or our communities are recognized on these pages. We honor the living for their dedication and courage. For some who gave their all we borrow the words etched in stone from the National Law Enforcement Memorial in our Nation's Capitol:

"It is not how the died that made them heroes...
It is how they lived!"

At PDN, we encourage our website's visitors to share their loved one's stories as well. Arrangements have been made for these pages to be preserved for our future generation.


From time to time, this page will feature exceptional stories even though anyone whose name you see on the left were exceptional in their own ways. It is a duty we take great pride in sharing with our website's visitors.


Sharing the Legacy
           A special  salute to CJ Grisham's
            They Have Names

CJ wrote some years ago: Two journalists were killed and one severely injured by an IED in Iraq. Every media outlet in the country seemed to trip all over themselves trying to tell the American people about these "brave journalists". There were specials aired during prime time, full front page articles on almost every national newspaper and most local papers. And in every single article was this vague and nonspecific notation: "A U.S. soldier and an Iraqi translator also died in the blast."  

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