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For the first time ever, we're reaching out for help, not just for those we serve, but to secure PDN, Inc's continuing efforts. If you find value in what we do, I hope you will contribute.  Your personal gift in any amount will not be tax deductible unless you happen to be a business (advertising expense). Those who contribute will see their donation added to this page with your name or business name, city and state. That amount will be tallied into the progress meter.

Thank you, David Jenest, CEO


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Three ways you can support our work: Using the Donate button below, you can contribute any amount you feel you can afford to advance our mission in serving others.

You can help us plan for the future with other options that have recurring contributions.

Associate Member:  Associate Members get a subscription to our online newsletter and soon, access to the Restricted Online Member Forums. The dues for this class of membership are $15 per quarter. (Remember, this is billed quarterly)

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Sustaining Member: Sustaining Members receive all the benefits the Associate Members receive and color Patriot Watch membership ID card, access and authoring options for our newsletter. The dues for this class of membership are $35 per quarter. (Remember, this is billed quarterly)

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Webmaster's Note: PDN, Inc. has been certified by PayPal as a charity authorized to collect donations as a nonprofit entity. If you have any questions about the financial affairs of our organization before you donate funds, call our toll free number at (888) 848-2619.


Patriot Defenders Network, Inc. was formally incorporated on May 16, 2007 in California as Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation. The Secretary of State Registration number 2997925. Our  IRS EIN # 20-0021366. We are a State Tax Exempt entity.

In the interest of transparency, CLICK here for a typical spreadsheet reflecting very modest operating expenses.



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