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We Support our Troops and their Families

There is no limit to the good you can do...
 if you don't care who gets the credit.

General George C. Marshall and President Ronald Reagan

The specific purpose of this nonprofit Corporation is to provide, in times of crisis or special needs, advocacy for and emotional and financial support of, the families of our nationís deployed active duty military services personnel, members of National Guard, Military Reserves, members of the military services who have been injured while on duty, sworn public safety officers, first responders and firefighters.

Who are we? Alone... nothing!   As a Team... Everything!
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Heroes@Home Award

"The founding principles of The Jim Click Automotive Team are anchored on family traditions, and we direct our continuing efforts toward being exemplary community citizens."

Many organizations have mission statements. Jim Click's is real!
For patriotism over profits, Patriot Defenders Network wants to share this inspiring story with our visitors.

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Corporate Heroes@Home Award

The Inspiration behind PDN's Wounded Warrior Laptop Project.
The little pilot program that made a big difference in their lives
or their family's will be featured here next month as part of our

18 DECEMBER 1944
my father and 789 of his Navy mates perished.

For my Dad


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