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LOST but FOUND...a new home
for Wounded Warrior Workshop Project.

Dear Enterprise Lost but Found Participants,

It is a pleasure to introduce Enterprise to our Wounded Warrior project sponsored by Patriot Defenders Network and its volunteers.

My name is Peter Lara. It is an honor to have an opportunity to give something back to my brothers and sisters who served and made personal sacrifices for our nation.

“Lost but Found… a new home for Wounded Warriors” will help us better serve them and their families in time of crisis. PDN, Inc. gave me a hand up when my family needed it most.

As the Director of Lost but Found we can use those items in many ways to advance our nonprofit mission.

1Sgt Peter Lara (US Army Retired)
Patriot Defenders Network, Inc.

PDN's Yasmin, Alfonso and branch manager John Monaco

The employees at the 16th Street branch of Enterprise Rent-a-Car are exceptional people.

We have now begun a project where unclaimed property is donated to our Wounded Warrior Workshop. From there items are redistributed to military families, deserving veterans or offered for sale to help support the workshop and PDN, Inc.


Alfonso arrived at the Northgate branch to pick up the first items. We anticipated a few things in a cardboard box. They occupy about 1/3 of the floor in our front office. Our veterans and volunteers will have hundreds of item to inventory in support of this project!
  Area Manager Tracy (left) took the leadership role in getting the project rolling and if pictured here with local branch staffer Aliah.


Our Wounded Warrior Workshop craftsman and recording artist Fernando Rios is a very busy fellow. Today's task: unloading the last US Postal Service Military APO/FPO large flat rate shipping boxes at the Wounded Warrior Workshop. Lost but Found items are starting to come in to the workshop in time for Christmas care packages and help with our fundraising efforts.

Branches call (916) 448-2619 to have our volunteer collect unclaimed items from your branch when it's most convenient. They deliver them to the veterans and our volunteers at PDN's wounded warrior workshops.

How Lost but Found Items will be deployed:

·         Care Packages to deployed or hospitalized military personnel.
(All branches of Military Service)

·         Christmas for Military Families in Partnership with National      Guard’s Operation Ready Families.

·         Inventory or refurbish by veterans (past and present) in our Wounded Warrior Workshops.

·         Fundraising to support PDN’s Casework and modest operating costs. (No paid staff - All volunteers)

It's Ordinary Folks Helping Veterans
and Veterans Helping Fellow Veterans

The RESULTS Speak for Themselves!
From the Shop to the Field - Teamwork Rocks

Virtual Strangers Stepping up to Make a Difference
Electricians - Carpenters - Contractors - Plumbers


2009 Soldier of the Year

ABOUT Medically retired 1Sgt Peter Lara
National Director PDN Wounded Warrior Workshop Project

http://patriotwatch.com/images/CA-DAV1.jpgAt 4:50 AM on November 19, 2005, Sgt. Lara’s Infantry Platoon was on patrol in Mosul, Iraq. They received a report that Iraqi Police had received small arms fire and grenades from a house in the Al Sukar neighborhood.  SFC Peter Lara, as platoon leader immediately responded and moved to the site of the attack to assess the situation.   

SFC Lara led his 1st and 2nd Squads to neutralize the threat. As they approached the house, a grenade was thrown terrorists resulting in the first casualty. The assault element continued to take casualties from heavy small arms fire and IEDs. In one of the wars most brutal and close quarter engagements with the enemy, this Army assault team suffered casualties to all but one of thirteen soldiers. Those wounded included SFC Lara. The assault team was trapped and unable to advance or withdraw.


As SFC Lara along with SPC Metteba attempted to push through the hallway and eliminate the enemy threat, SFC Lara was shot in the face. Despite this life threatening wound, SFC Lara cleared his shattered jaw bone and teeth from obstructing his throat, quickly regained his feet, and raised his weapon to return fire. The shot that struck him in the face had passed through his weapon, rendering it inoperable. Unarmed, he was shot again in his right arm that shattered his scapula in 15 pieces.

As he fell, he pulled a wounded SPC Metteba out of harm’s way. While back-to-back with SGT Landis, who had been shot 5 times, Lara tried to use his 9mm pistol to protect them both. He could not due to wounds from the gunshot. SFC Lara realized he needed to move to where he could have better command and control.  He crawled back, telling SGT Landis to suppress an insurgent fighting position. Moments later SGT Landis was shot in the head from a bullet that came through the door.

Suffering severe blood loss, SFC Lara fought to maintain consciousness long enough to conduct a battle hand-off with his senior squad leader and assist him in the command and control. The reserve 3rd Squad was then able to reinforce and begin casualty evacuation. At this time, one of the platoon’s Stryker vehicles breached the wall of the house to allow for the withdrawal of the squads inside.  The vehicle commander and air guard immediately began suppressing the enemy with a .50 caliber machine gun, firing over the heads of the squads inside and allowing them critical moments to disengage.

As the casualty evacuation began, SFC Lara refused assistance, not wanting his men exposed to enemy fire just in order to evacuate him.  He managed to maintain consciousness long enough to extract himself through the rubble of the house back to the Stryker under his own power, all while under direct enemy fire.  Only upon arriving in the Stryker did he succumb to blood loss and lose consciousness. He would awake days later and undergo dozens of operations to repair the severe injuries to his face and body. Undaunted and still on the long road to recovery, Promoted First Sergeant Lara reported to Fort Jackson South Carolina, to perform duties as First Sergeant for Company C, 3-13th Infantry Regiment, 193rd Infantry Brigade in July 2007.

In retirement, he continues his surgeries and rehabilitation. First Sergeant Lara has committed himself to Soldiers and his Country. After having over 47 operations he continues to give his all leading, coaching, teaching and mentoring the next generation of Warriors. In joining Patriot Defenders Network Peter Lara has become an advocate for wounded warrior who, like himself and his family, have experienced great financial hardship due to bureaucratic mishaps in the Department of Veterans Affairs.  Recently, in addition to raising his family at home in Columbia, South Carolina, Peter Lara engaged 150 students, their parents and teachers via the Internet during the Patriotwatch.com 9/11/2012 Memorial in Loomis, California.

ABOUT CEO Andy Taylor: “Our company was built on the very principles that were instilled in my father, Jack Taylor, when he served in the Navy during World War II…our business has continued to honor that part of its heritage.”

U.S. Military Veterans and Reservists Comprise Almost 10 Percent of Enterprise Holdings’ Workforce

ST. LOUIS – Nov. 11, 2011 – Despite a tough economy, Enterprise Holdings, which owns and operates the Alamo Rent A Car, Enterprise Rent-A-Car and National Car Rental brands, hires thousands of employees – including many military veterans each year – to keep its talent pipeline strong. 

Enterprise employs approximately 55,000 employees in the United States – 5,300 of whom are U.S. military veterans and active/inactive reservists. In fact, Enterprise has hired 1,400 veterans and reservists in 2011alone, and the company pays the salary differential for employees on active duty so they continue to receive full pay throughout the duration of their service. 

Enterprise has a longstanding relationship with the U.S. military that dates back to company founder Jack Taylor and his military service. A Navy veteran, Taylor named the company after the World War II USS Enterprise, the ship on which he served as a decorated pilot. 

Enterprise Holdings Chairman and CEO Andy Taylor emailed his employees last year writing: “Today marks the annual observance of Veterans Day, which honors all the men and women who have served in the United States military. On this occasion, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to these brave individuals for the sacrifices they have made to protect our country and its freedoms. As you know, our company was built on the very principles that were instilled in my father, Jack Taylor, when he served in the Navy during World War II. I am proud to say our business has continued to honor that part of its heritage by supporting all our employees who are called to serve in the military.” 

Enterprise’s Military Connection

In 2008, Enterprise partnered with The History Channel® to support the first season of Battle360,which focuses on the USS Enterprise’s crucial role in almost every major sea battle in the Pacific Theatre during World War II. And in 2009, Andy Taylor and his wife initiated and funded the effort to recover a World War II Hellcat plane from Lake Michigan and restore it in honor of Jack Taylor, who flew similar planes while serving in the Navy. 

In addition, Enterprise has been recognized with the prestigious Secretary of Defense Employer Support Freedom Award, the highest honor given by the U.S. government to employers for support of their employees who serve in the National Guard and Reserve. The company is also represented on the Missouri Employer Support for the Guard and Reserves (ESGR) Advisory Council, and advanced to the 5-Star level in ESGR’s Statement of Support Program for its longtime support of employees serving in the military. 

More recently, Enterprise furthered its relationship with the U.S. military by expanding its WeCar by Enterprise car-sharing program to military bases throughout the United States, beginning with Fort Carson Army Base in Colorado and Fort Bragg Army Base in North Carolina. The company plans to expand to several additional U.S. military bases by the end of 2011. The WeCar program provides an efficient and cost-effective transportation solution for military personnel and their families.



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