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The pages devoted to the story of Typhoon Cobra has generated a lot of e-mail from family and friends of crew who served aboard the destroyers USS HULL, USS MONAGHAN and USS SPENCE. This collection is an example and PDN is honored to share them. John "Jack" Bowen was not on board the Monaghan when she was lost to the sea.

These men of the Greatest Generation are important to remember and honor. Today Ensign Bowen's nephew, Mark Zuercher , wrote of his Uncle Jack:

"He went home to the Lord today, May 1st. [2012] He was a great patriot, serving his country for 40+ years. He served God, his family and his neighbors until the end of his 92 years.  He was a humble giver all of his life. What a man he was, a great and wonderful man.  I loved him so much."

Mark is a patriot too for sharing the these memories with those who visit her. God bless you sir and your loved ones. Our search for others like Jack and Evan continues. As we find them, their legacy will be preserved and honored.

Jack Bowen is pictured far right, Annapolis Class 1942

This collection of photos and the news item came from "Jack" Bowen's family. The lower left-hand photo shows him with shipmates and Fiji Islanders in WWII.

The lower right-hand photo may be Jack with shipmates in the time honored "Crossing the Line" party where Shellback's (Those who previously crossed the Equator) pay tribute to King Neptune. Keelhauling is not permitted under Naval Regulations. To view full size images, just click on it.



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