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Wounded Warrior Laptops
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Sometimes when you least expect it, a solution to a family's or soldier's need shows up as if an answer to a prayer.  Such was the case when we were contacted by Del-Jen, Inc with an offer of very functional laptop computers that would inspire a project now managed by PDN, Inc.

Frequent visitors to our website know you'll seldom see a military family's name used in reporting what we do. The thank you letters are shared only with our donors on a case by case basis and at the request of the family.

With the pilot project completed and the decision to make it a permanent part of our services, it's time to recognize the folks that inspired and made the project work. 

To help us tell that story, meet Mike Sarkisian, a member of our PDN, Inc Board of Directors. Mike is a Vietnam Veteran and a top flight network guru. Mike pulls the service tags on donated laptops and sees what can be done to improve their performance.

Most of the Del-Jen laptops (Dell PIII and PIV Latitude and Inspiron) needed only software and a boost in RAM memory.  An IBM Thinkpad became a test bed and some routers devices expanded our in-house network capability.

One of the laptops was pressed into service to stream our Operation Christmas and the California State Fair's Operation Postcard events to the troops in Iraq. In this photo Sacramento volunteers at Market Square sing for the troops during the Twelve Days of Christmas event.      Click on the image.

If frequent flyer miles could attach to these laptops, those miles would be huge. They've traveled from Fort Lewis, WA, Fort Bliss, TX to Iraq and Afghanistan and back to Sacramento.




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