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We're not big on the "We told you so" routine. The media finally woke up to the way your government treats our honorable veterans, military families in crisis and returning injured troops. We have thousands of homeless veterans in California's capital city. Yet the City of Sacramento spends millions on a new sports and entertainment complex and nothing on veterans!

Since Thanksgiving, our Wounded Warrior Workshop and PDN Center could only provide shelter, food and clothing to three homeless veterans and two homeless Blue Star mothers.

Just a year ago we saw donations for our one-on-one Casework needs met in 48 to 72 hours. The last three projects had to be completed with dollars from our own volunteers and Board members. Apathy is a killer.

Wounded Warrior Workshop Opens


Auguat 2014: Many more cases are pending intake, interviews or caseworker vetting. Sadly, some are just beyond our means and we're seeking new Network Partners to help with them. The US Government has failed them. We won't with just a little help for YOU!!


When you help us, it allows us to do even more for these returning injured troops and military families in crisis. CLICK HERE



  • Case # CA-HARV-786 -  US Army medically discharges veteran in Sacramento receiving assistance returning to civilian life after issues with Dept. of Veterans Affairs. Immediate need was bringing her vehicle current with DMV and repairs to make it safe and dependable.  CLICK HERE TO HELP

    Expended to date: $341 of $500 goal - Donations received $125

  • WW-K9 Christopher An IED Injured Chris and his K9 partner Jack. The immediate need is for a laptop computer and software since he was a victim of "Sequestration" cuts last March.

    Expended to date: $1,721.48 - of $1,800 goal - Donations received $870

    Laptop has shipped without meeting our goal but we had to tap resources that usually pay our bills. We still need a hand up if you can help. CLICK HERE


  • SC-DAV-277 Pete Rarely does PDN divulge the full identity of the military personnel or family we assist in crisis situations. This Wounded Warrior's case justifies an exception. Furthermore, SFC Peter Lara's story earned him the valor awards below and further recognition by Military Times.

    Expended to date: $2,556.88 - of $3,000 goal - Donations received $2,556.88

  • CALIFORNIA, LONG BEACH: CA-DAV-276 John - This Disabled American Veteran, for the past eight years, served as the owner's resident manager on the property where John and his wife live. The apartment was recently purchased and the new owner(s) have been engaging in questionable conduct towards existing tenants including John and his wife. After John filed formal complaints with the appropriate local agencies, he fears the new owners will ignore the law and evict him. He lacks the financial resources to move now or in the immediate future.

  • MICHIGAN - MI-DAV-273 - Disabled Navy veteran needed financial assist with storing personal property after being hospitalized in Sterling Heights VA facility. He has now lost his home. While we secured the storage, it is not needed due to short term housing being in place on a trail basis. We will refund all donations that were specified for this veteran's immediate needs.

Our case was featured in a local newpaper resulting in immediate assistance for this veteran.

  • CALIFORNIA, SACRAMENTO: CA-DAV-274 William URGENT NEED - Working Used or New Refrigerator! This honorable veteran served in 1989 during Noriega conflict -  76Victor US Army. He is currently unemployed with no income. and the last of his food is going bad. He lives in South Sacramento on Sunnybrae Drive Sacramento CA 95823.
    Zajic Appliance donated refrigerator. PDN paid portion of SMUD bill and provided gas money. PDN is providing part time work for this veteran to cover remaining utility bill.

    William has found suitable employment. He wants to assist with our Wounded Warrior Workshop on his days off.

  • CALIFORNIA, SACRAMENTO: Assist Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 500
    Mary Lou McNeil with obtaining and installing countertops, cabinet, deep sinks, faucets and heavy duty garbage disposal at their Veteran's Center - 4441 Auburn Blvd. Ste. J.

    All materials procured. Installer (plumber) needed.

  • WASHINGTON STATE & DC Walter Reed: P-357VA Shipping of ARC kits for WA state wounded warriors at Walter Reed.  Assist for Heartbeat Serving Wounded Warriors www.heartbeatforwarriors.org Cell: 425-931-1047to donate funds for shipping while searching for remedy to such needs.

  • CALIFORNIA, SACRAMENTO: CA-DAV269 - Disabled Navy veteran deserves a hand up. This can be a part time job and donations to help him get back to school, continue medical treatments, leave the Veterans Shelter and seek more suitable housing.

    Our first failure in spite of meeting the needs of this veteran. See the donations posted on his page and closing comment from PDN.

  • FORT BLISS TEXAS TX271 An injured US Army soldier needing a hand up! Funding for family's transportation from Fort Bliss - El Paso, Texas to home in Franklin, Ohio. Goal of $1200 has been reached.

    Family adopted in Ohio by "The 9/12 Project" via Geoff Rapp, Executive Director of the Westlake 9/12 Project.

  • CALIFORNIA: CA-DAV268 Purple Heart Recipient, 10 year veteran having served in both the US Navy and US Army was injured by an IED in Iraq. Returning home to Elk Grove from Fort Bliss, this disabled veteran has been without pay since February 2011 and is seeking immediate employment. Referred

  • FORT BLISS, TX267 Save the family of four's vehicle, their only form of transportation. If our goal is reached, funds will go directly to lender.

    8-19-11: While 50% of our goal had been reached, the finance company Santander Consumer USA Inc. has yet to respond to calls from PDN, our soldier or to phone messages and a fax. Donors will receive refunds or have the option to apply them to our newest Wounded Warrior case CA-DAV268.

  • CALIFORNIA: M258 Marine Dad, 5 children, wife passed away December 24th. PDN Webmaster provided apartment and waiver of deposits/rents until family is stable.

  • CALIFORNIA: DAV257  Disabled Army officer and minor daughter about to become homeless. Emergency housing until back pay arrives, food and some clothing, This soldier discharged from Mather VA hospital with no resources, friends or family in Sacramento.

    Housing needs provided along with gift cards. Pending budget update.

  • ILLINOIS: WW256  OIF Wounded Warrior veteran 50% disabled. Deaths in immediate family added extra burden (four minor children) for this veteran, his wife and his own three young children. Need immediate financial assistance with heating bills, insurance, mortgage and auto repairs.  Donations of food, diapers, clothes for kids, shoes and gloves needed.

  • CALIFORNIA: 249  Wounded warrior injured in Ramadi, Iraq. Was homeless for a period after retuning stateside. Now married with six month old daughter. Financial assistance needed to while he's undergoing treatment and starting college.

  • TEXAS FT BLISS: 250  Wounded Warrior Soldier served 3 tours to Iraq: April 2003-April 2004 March 2005-February 2006 October 2006-December 2007. Family facing eviction and relocation needs. Partial rent payment funded.

  • MISSISSIPPI: 251 Wounded warrior served with honor. Wife abandoned family leaving two sons aged 14 years and six months old. Loss of second income and his 60% disability has the family at risk pending future VA adjustments.

  • TEXAS: 232L Five years of Iraq deployments leaves a Wounded Warrior behind on car payments after suffering identity theft, learning his AT&T cell phone bill was billed at conventional rate totaling $3,000 or more. Cleared through caseworker. Pending service member's update.

  • CALIFORNIA: 213 First Gulf War wounded warrior having long term issues with the VA system, benefits and disability pay. The family car needs transmission & fan clutch. PDN is offering some transportation assistance for a long overdue weekend getaway for the family.  Frequent travelers could donate free hotel nights to make the package complete. Get-a-way funded. Need hotel nights!

  • NORTH CAROLINA: 254WW. Disabled veteran, one year old daughter and his spouse, need first months rent and security deposit. Wife is a teacher but hiring is frozen due to current economy. Undergoing treatment at Hefner VA Medical Center.

  • OKLAHOMA - Owasso: 255VA. Disabled American Veteran , informed by his VA Outpatient physician, that he needed emergency surgery to remove his gall bladder on July 7, 2009 or he could die. His case has been bounced all over the VA system with no results. Today he was provided some pills  and sent home with no further word on the life saving operation he needs. friends and PDN pulling out all the stops on this case.  calling VA OIG, Hotlines, media and posting in blogs to keep the pressure on. Need volunteers to do the same.


NORTH CAROLINA: 225 Soldier at Ft. Bliss, Tx has wife and two kids at home and needs past due rent paid. They reside in Fayetteville. PDN will take care of utilities and we've talked to the landlord. Soldier's status is a bit in limbo as is some of his pay. Assisted with utilities


OKLAHOMA: 224 Travel assist for a wounded warrior to come home. He served in Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom from October 07- April 08 until he was medevaced to Kuwait, Germany, Fort Andrews, and then to Fort Bliss, Texas, to heal while assigned at the Warrior Transition Battalion. Completed


TENNESSEE:228 A Wounded Warrior had to borrow money to get a flight home to Nashville, TN for a family emergency. A little financial assistance is needed so he can tend to his families welfare, foregoing his own treatment at the Wounded Warrior Unit in Ft. Bliss, Texas. Vietnam Veterans of America took ownership. PDN funded prepaid VISA for expenses.


COLORADO: 231L OIF Active Duty returning veteran needs Family Law & Skip Tracer assistance to locate wife and child who moved out of state and further help with divorce and custody matters. PDN Board member assisting.


OHIO: 226 The Columbus Townhall Chapter and PDN are working to help this Ohio military family meet past due utility and mortgage payments. This Bronze Star 22 years of service veteran US Army soldier was called up from his reserve status for his first deployment to Iraq then deployed again to Ft. Monroe, VA.  Adopt-a-Soldier program steps up to keep water from being shut off. Insurance cancellation avoided thanks to talk radio hosts Quinn & Rose. Local Vets for Freedom resources has covered the mortgage, utilities and groceries. Car payments up next. Awaiting report from Columbus Townhall Chapter.

  • COLORADO/CALIFORNIA: 248 PRIORITY CASE Band of Brothers Three!

    Sometimes we get a case that just breaks your heart when you hear the sacrifices brave soldiers make to serve us. Three Colorado National Guard brothers were so motivated to deploy to Iraq that they arranged to join a unit in California so they could deploy together.

    Having just arrived here, tragedy struck at home. One of the brothers who was just married three weeks ago learned his wife passed away last Friday. The soldier and one brother were flown home to Colorado to take care of funeral arrangements.  The airline tickets was provided by USAA and petty traveling cash provided by VFW and passing of the hat amongst the unit at Camp Roberts 1/185th California National Guard.

    The family faces an additional $5,000 in funeral expenses they cannot afford to pay. PDN has been authored by the family to facilitate direct payments to the mortuary from donations earmarked for that purpose. PDN matched donation from California State President, Association of the US Army. Generous donations from AUSA Mission Trails Chapter - Camp San Luis Obispo and Rita in Plainview, MN. A special thanks to CJ Grisham's http://www.soldiersperspective.us/.


4th of July Mission - Accomplished
Coming Home
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119 Update: Turns out the family car was not safe to drive back to California without repairs costing more than the car is worth. In spite of many bumps along the way, the family is safely home and will be assisted further by the Operation Ready Families Program here in California.



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