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Carlos Hernandez and the Harry Ellis Family

When the California State Fair's Operation Postcard was endangered and at risk of being cancelled, owner Carlos of Imperial Banners and the late Harry Ellis from Ellis Graphics stepped up and saved the day.



The pictures above are from SSgt Stephanie Cowan and unit in front of a C-130, all stationed at Balad AFB about 68 Kilometers north of Baghdad.   As soon as the banner was received from the California State Fair, the Squad Commander gathered up the troops and had this picture taken with much gratitude for our remembrance of the troops serving us in combat and away from loved ones.   

On a personal note.  My daughter Stephanie called the morning she got the banner with tears in her voice and pride for her mom and the work being done by all for the troops over there.  She knows she’s one of the lucky ones who is a short timer (due to come home next month) and she tells me all the troops have great pride in the work they are doing Iraq and need our support. 

Tammy Cox

The Military Family Business at Work

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From a proud Cuban immigrant who loves America and a proud military family whose loved ones served, you can trust their quality products at very affordable prices.

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