C J Grisham
An American Soldier

As a child I always looked forward to Reader's Digest's "Most Unforgettable Character" stories when our mail was picked up at the post office. I grew up on a working ranch and having no street address for a postman, I had to wait in line to get my turn at the little magazine filled with inspiration and was an important part of my learning process in those years.

CJ would be one of my personal nominees for "Most Unforgettable Character" after the experiences we've had over the past decade. How we met for the first time escapes me at the moment. Frequent visitors to our website have seen and heard CJ's contribution to our various projects that were in support of other organizations or events. This page will be a work in progress simply because there are so many examples:



911 Memorial Event

Julie Howe & CJ Grisham




CJ joins us again on KFBK
Christmas for the Troops
joining in with Operation Homefront founder
Meredith Leyva and KFBK host Bruce Maiman



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