The Volunteer Leadership of PDN

- Board of Directors -

It it with deep sadness in our hearts we share this:


Dave Jenest: PDN's CEO, founder and webmaster, founder of the Crimewatch community policing action team and website where many of our current members and volunteers originated. He was named one of Townhall.com's Citizens of the Year, holds a Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award for volunteerism by President Bush and President Obama, named Sacramento News & Reviews Best Community Activist and a person who prefers to be "behind the scenes" unless called upon by many of Northern California's talk radio hosts as a guest on a variety of local issues.
Master Sergeant C.J. Grisham: "CJ" has been one of our most active and loyal PDN allies. Even as one of our Nation's first and most prominent military bloggers, he has never said no to a request to help PDN with a project in support of our troops, veterans or military families. CJ has been a role model for youth, talk show host, mentor and friend. CLICK HERE

Having completed multiple deployments in the Middle East, CJ is now stationed at Fort Hood with the US Army III Corp HQ.

Joe Sullivan: was just 16 when Pearl Harbor was attacked. Five military services and discharges can hardly summarize his service to our nation. A military family, Joe’s younger brother: 88th Division (Blue Devils) in WWII. His brother’s identical twin sons; David a an Air Force security Tech; Patrick, also a Tech Sgt served 4 yrs and called up as a reservist twice for a total of 4 more years. Chuck Marx, husband of Joe’s granddaughter, father of three of his great grand children and a reservist, was called up to to serve in Iraq. He's top gunner in a Humvee.

Major Jonathan Mraz: Served at Camp Bucca in Iraq, then 91st MPs Ft Drum, NY. He then deployed 8th Army in Korea to in part, rewrite the Crime Analyis system. Jon is a charter member of Sacramento's elite Crimewatch once dubbed a model for Community Policing in our Capitol City. Jon's tour in OIF ended in March 2008 and he's destined for a career federal law enforcement. He serves PDN as a vice president on the board of directors and military liaison to NPST.
Mike Sarkisian: PDN Secretary. Headed up our Operation Phoenix laptop and PC refurbishing program for military families and injured returning troops. Mike was a Vietnam era veteran, musician, writer and constant advocate for improving the lives of those who serve our nation in war or peacetime. He also served us in Crimewatch and as a director on our board. RIP Michael and my you and your trumpet jam with Gabriel for eternity.
Lori Wexler: Lori has served as a key member of our allied National Public Safety Team as an Intelligence Chief and Analyst, Residing just outside Atlanta, GA. Her tireless efforts for both NPST and PDN for many years has been an inspiration to us all.
1Sgt Peter Lara: US Army Wounded Warrior accepted a position on our board after retiring. Peter was awarded Silver, Bronze Stars, Purple Heart, and in 2009 US Army Soldier of the Year for valor in combat. We are deeply honored having Peter serve as the spokesman for our Wounded Warrior Workshop and advocate for his peers. To see what a true hero looks like CLICK HERE.
Ed and "Kiss" Anderson: This dynamic couple have given thousands of volunteer hours to program like Operation Military Support and other veterans groups in Northern California.  The word "no" doesn't seem to register for either of these folks when someone needs help in their Calaveras community. Ed is a role model to our youth. CLICK HERE

-   PDN's Advisory Council  -
These wonderful and dedicated professionals bring more than just names on a list to our efforts. Without their counsel we would lose the years of experience and wisdom each of them bring to our deliberative decision making process. We value them more than we can express in words here,

  DAVID MOORE - Public Relations and Media.
Producer-Director-Cinematographer-Photo Journalist
When not embedded David assist our DC volunteers
  MICHAEL & CINDY FERNANDEZ - Advisory Council
Mike: Colonel USAF (Ret) - Scott AFB, Illinois
Cindy: Executive Analyst - California Dept Consumer Affairs

  DON HOLTON - Advisory Council
Chief, National Public Safety Team - Sworn Volunteers

  CHARLES HENTHORN - Advisory Council
Colonel USAF (Ret) - National Public Safety Team - Military


KATHY HOLTON - Advisory Council
Magazine Publisher - Media Affairs and First Responders



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