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September 11, 2012
The Day Students Remembered
Police, First Responders, Military and Civilians lost.

America's Finest joining the entire student body as they recite the Pledge of Allegiance. (The Pledge is a daily practice at this patriotic school inspiring love of country and community service)

(Left to Right) Rocklin, CA Police Officer, Roseville, CA Firefighter, General Jack Hagan and Sacramento Sheriff Deputy Harry.

In New York City alone, over 3,000 children lost a parent. 125 live were lost at the Pentagon and 187 airline passengers.

The children, led by recording artist, retired USAF veteran Lisa Mei Norton in Stafford, Virginia, stood for the National Anthem.

General Hagan answers student's questions about patriotism, service and duty.

Roseville Firefighter's reflections on the day that took the lives of 343 firefighters and paramedics.

A Rocklin police officer remembers 23 NYPD officers and 37 Port Authority police officers lost on 9-11

Crimewatch volunteer and trainee Alfonso Johnson explains the Patriot Defenders Network's (PDN) Yellow Ribbon Project.

UPDATE: Soon after this event, "The Fonz" joined me in Las Vegas for the USS Hull reunion where he met two survivors of Typhoon Cobra, the disaster that took the lives of 790 sailors in World War II, including my father. A month or so after his return to Sacramento, Alfonso enlisted in the US Navy, was promoted to E2 after boot camp and is now a student at US Naval Submarine School at Groton, CT.

Using 2-way video technology, students watch & talk with veteran Ken Pridgeon in Baytown, Texas as he paints portraits of fallen heroes.

The children, parents and teachers write messages of love and support on 4' x 8' banners to be sent to VA hospitals

Children were able to engage via two way video with a true US Army American hero and a  recovering wounded warrior.


They had an opportunity to see and and speak with Military Times 2009 Soldier of the Year 1st Sergeant Peter Lara


First Sergeant Lara's platoon survived a devastating and fierce fire fight through his exemplary leadership, courage and tenacity. By the time they redeployed from Iraq, his 42-man Infantry Stryker Platoon had received 1 Distinguished Service Cross, 6 Silver Stars, 7 Bronze Star with V for valor, 5 Army Commendation Medals with V's and 16 Purple Hearts. In July 2007, First Sergeant Lara reported to Basic Combat Training at Fort Jackson South Carolina, to perform duties as First Sergeant for Company C, 3-13th Infantry Regiment, 193rd Infantry Brigade. Among his medals of Valor are the Silver Star, Bronze Star and Purple Heart.

Giving back to his fellow Wounded Warriors, 1Sgt. Lara assists us seeing that the children's banners are sent to Wounded Warrior VA hospitals around the nation.



Active Duty Soldiers Civilian Patriot inspired the students and staff as well.

Our long time friend CJ Grisham spoke with the kids also from Fort Hood, TX. He joined the Army in January 1995, the son of a dedicated Sailor. He's a NCO who devotes a lot of effort taking care of soldiers everywhere. He deployed to Kuwait in Sep 2002 and was with the 3/7 Cavalry, 3rd Infantry Division, for the incursion into Iraq. He fought his way to Baghdad and was with the unit that took Baghdad.

He was later sent to Fallujah in June 2003. MSG Grisham was awarded the Bronze Star with Valor device during the conflict. He is married and has three wonderful children.

CJ maintains  military blog www.soldiersperspective.us. and honors the fallen at www.theyhavenames.com.


Of our friend and patriot CEO of Unite in Action, Inc. the the vice principal, teacher and  the School's high-tech guru, said this of Stephani Scruggs:

"Stephanie, your last comment on challenging them to find a way to "serve" someone every day really stuck with us. That is going to be our motto for days and months to come."

Stephani, living in Pensacola, Florida, has stepped in when duty called to assist one of our wounded warriors.



Patriot Portraits by Ken Pridgeon Tribute to ROTC Youth
The Army National Guard First Sergeant Peter Lara

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