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All gave some... Some gave all


June 19, 2009, Sacramento, CA

The All Wars Memorial obelisk, that stands silently, strong and tall on the grounds of California's Capitol, will serve as a unique model for its Virtual World counterpart within the Veterans Village Memorial Park. Groundbreaking ceremonies are scheduled for July 4th, with completion scheduled for Veterans Day 2009.


The black granite like obelisk, depicting the heroes of our nation, will be the centerpiece for a larger region, dedicated to veterans past and present, military families and wounded warriors returning home from the battlefield. The MIA/POW flag will be displayed as a constant reminder of the deep sacrifices of so many families and their loved ones.

This will be a quiet place to honor our veterans and the only virtual memorial for all veterans, all wars and all service branches. A special marble wall with seals representing all of the armed services and golden arch reading Thank You For Your Service greets visitors as they arrive. On the wall are photos of active duty service members with their units

The Veterans Village will be both a solemn place (the memorial itself) and happy place for families to unite, even if a mom or dad is deployed in service to our nation. Instead of standing in long lines to call home, our troops with Internet access can join the kids in the park, or share intimate moments and conversations with their spouses.

In the Virtual Veterans Park, the soldiers being treated for their wounds at the Fort Bliss, TX Wounded Warrior Unit, will be able to walk with their brother soldiers who are bedridden at Walter Reed Memorial Hospital in Washington, DC. They were brothers in combat and are being reunited in a world where pain vanishes for a time as they enjoy the brotherhood of warriors.



Robert "Bob" Flesch is the creator, developer and owner of Prototerra.com. This is where the Virtual Veterans Memorial Village will "live" within emerging multi-dimensional technology. It offers high population densities and limitless scalability. Encompassing eight years (80 total person years) of development and testing on a wide range of PC systems, as well as having two patents in process, Prototerra's virtual world platform technology sets the standard for virtual worlds. Bob has developed one of the leading virtual world platforms with over 1.5 million downloads and thousands of concurrent users worldwide.

When asked why Bob and his company would underwrite such a programming intensive and expensive project, he replied:

"The sacrifices of our veterans, past and present, inspired me to sponsor this amazing effort. Its functionality is being crafted by real veterans and citizen volunteers in our virtual world. They are the stakeholders and it will truly be their world."



Inspired by a Real World Tribute to our Veterans

Iris Taggart searched among the 1,734 inscribed bricks at the Veterans Memorial Plaza at Mather Field for 20 minutes before finding her late husband's name. When she found the inscription, "Major Robert 'Tag' Taggart," she knelt, moving her fingers back and forth across his name. She crouched at the brick for several minutes, staring, blinking back tears.

Iris was one of the volunteers organizing the veterans memorial plaza dedication. She coordinated the flyover of a B-17, B-24 and B-25 during the opening ceremonies. "Just listening to the engines gives me goose bumps," she said, adjusting the two B-17 pins attached to her vest. "It's because of him," she added, looking to the sky, "that I'm doing this."

The volunteers at Patriotwatch.com arranged to sponsor the first brick purchased for a neighborhood youngster and the daughter of one of PDN, Inc. co-founders. In the photo above, Kayson (flanked left by her mom and sister), Porshe and Dave Jenest work on the wording for the first brick that launched this patriotic tribute to our veterans. The plaza, at the Sacramento Veterans Administration Medical Center in Rancho Cordova, at the former Mather Air Force Base, is a dream come true for many area veterans.

The plaza is a 6,200-square-foot oval. Supporters purchased the bricks to honor veterans, some as far back as the Civil War. One inscription honors the Columbia space shuttle crew, another, the veterans of Iraq. The centerpiece is a 15-foot-tall bronze statue of a medic returning home, with his daughter on his shoulders, waving an American flag. The theme of the plaza is "Coming Home." a theme that resonates with Vietnam veterans, many of whom never received a celebratory homecoming.

The Virtual World's All Wars Memorial, like its real life counterpart and the Mather Memorial Plaza will combine to honor the friends and family members who have served. The inner circle bricks will be to honor those who gave their all. The walkways to the obelisk will pay tribute to our visitors' and members' veterans, past and present. By Veterans Day 2010, there will be a virtual computer kiosk station nearby where one can search the database for their loved one's brick location. Each brick can be linked to any website about that veteran or the family sponsoring the brick.

"Today's youngster will learn Freedom is not Free" writes Dave Jenest, VP Operations for PDN, Inc. "They will take ownership of a virtual personal space and legacy with the brick the family places at the Memorial. One day, a Veterans Day perhaps, they will bring their children to Veteran's Village. They will show them the brick placed there by their parents in their youth and do the same for their children. Those children will learn, we will never forget, All gave some... some gave all."

The proceeds from Village sponsors and the funds collected from brick revenues, will be used for further development of our Virtual World and the ongoing case work of nonprofit PDN, Inc. See: PDN Case Work




Virtual LIVE Performers

Lisa Mei Norton

Performing Virtually from The Independence Day Celebration
Charlottesville, Virginia


Virtual Dignitaries


First Sergeant CJ Grisham

Active Duty Career Soldier - Webmaster - Blogger - Talk Radio Host
A Soldiers Perspective and They Have Names


Bruce Maiman
Talk Radio Host - Commentator - A Friend to all veterans
Hear the Show with Bruce and CJ

Keith Anthony

CEO - Patriot Defenders Network, Inc.
Co-Sponsor of our virtual world
Sacramento, California


July 4th Tribute to Veterans Past and Present
An Overview of the next project:

America's children can witness the formation of the greatest nation in mankind's history as it unfolds. With their parents, friends and family members, they can immerse themselves in the 1700's colonies, in period clothing and surroundings they select.

They will walk and talk with founders Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine or John Adams in a 1770's America. The Founder's words come from actual letters, documents and news sources of the day.

They will listen to the Founders as they discuss and craft the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution.

They may march with Paul Revere to the Boston Tea Party.

America's children will learn the meaning of sacrifice, loyalty and how values and rights granted by God built our nation.

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