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Home of the Brave: Support our troops to keep it that way.Patriotwatch exists to Defend and Honor Patriots Everywhere... by telling their stories, recognizing their efforts or featuring their causes.

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It is with deep sadness we share the loss of our friend and PDN officer Mike Sarkisian who passed away this morning. Few did so much for so many. Those of us who had the fortune to work side by side with Mike, loved our Vietnam era veteran, loving good son, musician, writer and constant advocate for improving the lives of those who serve our nation in war or peacetime.

"No" was never in his vocabulary when it came to helping our veterans or our police officers in Sacramento. We will have an opportunity to honor Mike as arrangements to have him flown back and buried at the Golden Gate National Cemetery as he requested and being made. I have little doubt Mike and his beloved trumpet will be jamming with Gabriel in a heavenly Musikfestival.



The specific purpose of this nonprofit Corporation is to provide, in times of crisis or special needs, advocacy for and emotional and financial support of, the families of our nationís deployed active duty military services personnel, members of National Guard, Military Reserves, members of the military services who have been injured while on duty, sworn public safety officers, first responders and firefighters.

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When the going gets tough...
the tough get going with a little help from friends.

Long BEFORE it made headlines we said:


At long last, dozens of "BREAKING NEWS" stories have begun to tell the truth about a broken US Department of Veteran Affairs. Last year, we told our website visitors about the nearly 1 million honorable veterans waiting in line. Now we learn that many needing URGENT CARE died and it was covered up! We're NOT asking for money - we need your time and talents to speak out! KEEP THEIR STORIES ALIVE! WE OWE THEM NO LESS! Email us to join the effort: CLICK HERE


"There is no limit to the good you can do...  
     if you don't care who gets the credit."

General George C. Marshall and President Ronald Reagan

Help us stay online, on duty and on mission.

For nearly two decades, Patriotwatch.com has provided financial assistance to military families of deployed or severely injured Wounded Warriors when larger, well funded nonprofits told military caseworkers "Sorry, your soldier doesn't meet our criteria."

We spend a considerable amount of time and our limited resources promoting other "all volunteer" organizations who have made our network efforts possible. A year ago we just sought volunteers and network partners to help us do the right thing above and beyond our Casework. Now we need a hand up. Who we are and what we've done is laid out on the menus to the left. If YOU find us worthy click the button: "Will You Help"


Note from Patriotwatch Webmaster and PDN CEO: Frequent visitors know this is the first time a fundraising appeal has appeared on our homepage. This page has always been about real heroes and good people.


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